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The rise in electronic communication hasn’t stopped the flow of traditional inbound mail. However, the outpouring of paper correspondence may sometimes seem cumbersome and old fashioned in the modern business world.

IDSL supply your company with a digital mail room solution that greatly increases productivity when scanning and distributing mail. It renders the sorting of mail by hand obsolete, while increasing the time it takes mail to be routed to an address automatically. For instance; individual recipients and groups, backend ERP, CRM, ECM or workflow systems.

Automatic Identification and Routing

IDSL design digital mailroom solutions that detect and coordinate various documents, ranging from contracts, general correspondences, purchase orders, invoices and reports. These are available in various formats, from paper, faxes and XML to electronic documents. IDSL work alongside the client to design a mailroom solution that supports their business processes while integrating with backend systems already in place.

Improved Customer Service

A company with a digital mailroom solution improves customer service through heightened response and processing times.

Knowledge workers access inbound customer communication instantly for dependable service delivery.

Geographic Efficiency

Companies and organizations frequently strive to extend their geographic footprint by engaging in contemporary business activities, such as working from home and hot desking.

However, it is feared that geographic expansion may result in delays by increasing the time it takes mail to reach its destination. IDSL’s Digital Mailroom solution negates those concerns by providing key information to employees requiring access. It is a part of our tried and tested service.

Enhanced Productivity

Staff productivity may be increased through efficient access to mail, as information is always available.

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