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IDSL’s offer their clients a wide range of safe document storage facilities. Ideal for the external storage of archive boxes, with a range of box or file retrieval options included.

British companies are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of off-site document storage. Employing IDSL for your document storage/management, companies utilize available working space and retrieve paperwork quicker and easier, if required.

IDSL reassure clients their documents are securely held in a fully protected facility. Access is restricted to authorized personnel or company representatives that have undergone security screening.

The company affords their clients inexpensive storage space while bringing the finest data management on offer.

Highly trained staff work alongside their clients to design an inventory system specially tailored to fit their company.


Individual storage boxes are carefully indexed on computer for ready identification on arrival at IDSL premises. Clients then receive a complete report, either electronically, on a computer disc or hard copy printout. It catalogs the contents and reference number of each and every box.

If a client requires efficient information retrieval then IDSL will locate the box immediately. Then, through the use of IDSL’s rapid delivery uplift service, the documentation reaches its destination inside two hours.


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