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Internal Filing & Industrial Storage

Small File upgrades

IDSL provide an economic internal storage solution for clients wishing to store their film or paper-based documents, such as files, drawings etc. Ideal for custom made in-house Stack & Shelf systems.

IDSL are leaders in the creation of solutions adhering to modern storage requirements. Utilizing a variety of Document and Materials Handling products. IDSL use their vast experience in storing and filing for various industrial and commercial companies. Producing solutions that are the result of close consultations with clients. Incorporating an in-depth analysis of the latest business practices and cost effective proposals. IDSL’s services range from sourcing, delivery and installation, to servicing, moves and repairs. Whatever is required.

Automatic Hardware systems are a breakthrough in the field of office filing


“How efficient is your filing system?”

Is a storage space for important information essential for business? Then companies should be aware of how to create an ideal filing system. IDSL produce the finest solutions to meet the specific requirements of their clients from a wide choice of systems available.

Installation and Moves

It is well known that a full survey must be carried out prior to installation, emcompassing all necessary information. Ranging from the distance to the uploading, to the actual unloading area. Not to mention the distance to the installation area, along with other considerations.

How do you gain access? Are there parking restrictions if the job takes place after business hour?

IDSL keep their client informed of each and every step of the process.

If you would like more information regarding our Filing and Industrial Storage solutions just send us an email to and a company representative will contact you.


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