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Maps, Plans & Drawings Scanning


IDSL’s esoteric scanning and restoration services are ideal for creating large format maps, plans and drawings for companies.

There are many such items held in storage in archives. IDSL’s maps, plans and drawings archiving service decrease the time spent searching for drawings. It makes the most of office space, while supplying immediate retrieval from your laptop, desktop or network server.

IDSL cater to all of their clients needs if intending to scan Drawings/Plans of:

- Council Plans
- Archival Maps & Drawings
- Engineering Drawings
- Building Construction Drawings
- Electrical Circuit Drawings

IDSL are leading experts in the scanning and preserving of old rare documents in Britain. With a staff of highly trained specialist digitizers, capable of scanning plans, drawings and paintings of any material. IDSL take on any size of job without risk of stressing an item or damaging it. We also provide various applications for your latest digital files, including (but not limited to):

- Archiving
- Indexing Data
- Interactive Multimedia Disks
- Physical Preservation of Damaged Documents
- Printing of Large Colour Scans
- Virtual Books
- Web-Ready Images for Public Access


IDSL produce every kind of scanning, reproduction and archive solutions and have assisted various organizations from local authorities, studies libraries and institutes to professional associations and private collections.

IDSL supply their clients with the quickest, most sophisticated scanners on the market. They feature the finest image quality from the original due to its excellent illumination, both top and bottom.

When the inaugural scanning process has been completed, those scanned images undergo thorough quality control.
This entails a complete cropping, de-speckling and de-skewing operation for the best results. IDSL inspect each and every scanned drawing one at a time before they are released. Such is our commitment to excellence.

Drawing Indexing

IDSL collaborate with a number of indexing companies to create the finest searchable, indexed databases from scanned information. They can be securely archived for reference. It is also possible to use them on the internet and interactive multimedia disks.

IDSL teams up with councils employing many different software packages. The drawings can be indexed by the following categories if required.

- Drawing Reference Number
- Part/Tool Number
- Description
- Drawing Size/Category
- Client Name
- Date
- Issue number


IDSL’s advances in restoration permit the protection of originals, while creating a duplicate. It is restored on screen and enhanced electronically on screen, if necessary.

IDSL also utilize the foremost acid-free archival tools in their work. This allows IDSL’s in house specialist division to repair damaged maps and drawings, allow their use to continue for many years to come.

Preservation & Integration

IDSL’s expert technicians may alter and amend images digitally, along with scanning drawings, plans and maps through the use of cutting edge graphic software.

IDSL experts skillfully erase imperfections such as rips, tears and stains, alongside enhancing the image. Before the items are successfully indexed, printed or archived.


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