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OCR Conversion

(OCR) Optical Character Recognition is the process of creating editable files from paper documents. IDSL’s client base consists of companies throughout the UK. IDSL specialises in providing a full OCR Scanning and OCR Conversion service for any and all required formats, such as OCR Conversion to MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, PDF Searchable, HTML and CSV formats, enabling our clients to make necessary changes as well as carry out full text search.

Whether companies’ OCR Scanning or OCR Conversion requirements is to convert:

• Customer data reports
• Statements
• Reports
• Training Manuals
• Books / Magazines / Journals
• Newspaper Articles

OCR conversion has proven to be very useful and cost-effective to organisations across the UK & Europe as it has saved up to 90% of the time and costs previously involved. IDSL offers fast and cost-effective OCR Scanning and Conversion services at a highly competitive rate.

OCR Data Accuracy

The OCR accuracy depends solely upon the quality of the original text document quality. If the documents are printed on relatively good quality paper then we can achieve great accuracy – up to 99.99% from the documents. If the documents have tables, we can also OCR the text from the tables.

Other documents that may include pictures, graphics and drawing objects can also be formatted within the OCR document. So at completion your OCR document would appear exactly the same as the original document, except you can now edit or search the document by its contents.

OCR Conversion (Quality Control)

IDSL’s quality control department offers proof-reading for your converted OCR data. This service is to ensure the highest possible level of quality and accuracy has been achieved throughout the OCR scanning and conversion process. To date IDSL have completed many projects in which we have met our customers’ accuracy requirements. We provide various levels of OCR for our clients dependent upon the quality of the originals and their specifications and requirements.


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