Microfiche Scanning

IDSL digitise images from different kinds of microfiche using market leading film scanners that can be saved in various formats, commonly multipage black and white tiff.

IDSL have a large selection of image indexing solutions to cater to a clients requirements. It is possible to convert images in a variety of formats, in compliance with the clients project specifications.

Post Processing Work

There is a wide selection of output forms available, in areas such as:

  • Changes in image format
  • OCR applications
  • Redaction facilities
  • Image index files

There are many different kinds of microfiche, with their individual means of hosting its images.

Com Fiche

Computer Output Microfiche or COM fiche are produced by computers sending information to specialised printers. There are a variety of information stored on COM fiche but they most commonly relate to financial records or archives. Microfiche have customarily reduction ratio’s ranging from 42x or 48X – 208 or 270 pages of data.

Jacketed Fiche

This kind of microfiche is made up of 4×6 inch plastic sleeves. They contain strips of either 16 or 35mm film that are perfect for the grouping of related information into a single record.

This system is frequently employed by councils, architects, engineering and corporate human resource departments. This affords them safe, correct filing, along with retrieval of personalised records. The duplicated jacketed fiche commonly displays a bluish tint, highlighting the fact that they are copies of the originals. This accounts for the generally inferior quality images.

Combination Fiche

This is a microfiche that has images of varying sizes, commonly 16mm and 35mm images. They are customarily located in archives designed to store both drawing and document images, merging into a single record.

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