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Aperture Card Scanning

IDSL’s Aperture Card scanning service offers customers the finest in image quality taken from Microfilm.

The Aperture Card is a customary Hollerith encoded card transported for a 35mm transparency.

The feature is used to store items such as drawing, maps, engineering and spare parts listings.

Images stored in aperture cards are scanned on high-speed automated Photo Matrix equipment, reaching a maximum of 600dpi resolution.

IDSL may have a consultation with clients, analyzing and assessing the archive of an aperture card. Leading to the creation of a scanning solution tailored to meet the individual needs of a project.

When the aperture card has gone through the scanning process, it can be indexed by:

- Issue Number
- Drawing Number / Part Number / Date
- Client Name
- Drawing Description
- Storage Media

The scanned/indexed aperture card is stored onto CD’s/DVD’s/Portable Hard Drives. It is also transferred directly to a personal network for shared access.


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