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IDSL use a range of high-speed, state of the art scanners, ensuring the scanned documents are of the highest image quality. At the beginning of any document scanning process, documents often need manual intervention such as un-binding, removing creases/folds, de-stapling etc.

Image Processing is a document scanning service that applies image cropping, de-skewing and filtering to aging poor quality documents, enhancing their image quality.

Whether you have a few files to scan, or a large volume of historic documents that need to be archived on a regular basis, IDSL offer a document scanning solution to suit any project.

Building on a long history of document scanning & digitising systems, IDSL Document Scanners provide the highest speed and flexibility to create superior image quality for all document formats.

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Our customers benefit immediately from:

  • Improved space management
  • Increases human resource efficiencies
  • Improved workflow and business processes
  • Increased flexibility, accessibility & security of data
  • SSL & GDPR Compliant
  • A more informed and involved workforce
  • Less general clutter

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