Document Storage


IDSL offer their clients a wide range of safe document storage facilities. Ideal for the external storage of archive boxes, with a range of box or file retrieval options included.

British companies are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of off-site document storage. Employing IDSL for your document storage/management, companies utilise available working space and retrieve paperwork quicker and easier, if required.

IDSL reassure clients their documents are securely held in a fully protected facility. Access is restricted to authorised personnel or company representatives that have undergone security screening.

The company affords their clients inexpensive storage space while bringing the finest data management on offer.

Highly trained staff work alongside their clients to design an inventory system specially tailored to fit their company.

Upon arrival at IDSL premises all boxes are checked in and go through a QC process, they are then input to IDSL storage systems and allocated a unique location space within our secure warehouse. A copy of these locations can be obtained by the clients authoised personnel on request.

Box/file retrieval - simply email in the details of files required and IDSL's rapid response logistics team will have your requested data files located and delivered within as little as 2 hours.

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Document Storage

What we do:

  • IDSL's secure transport
  • IDSL uniformed and badged staff
  • IDSL fully tracked vehicles
  • Computerised storage systems
  • Same day retrieval system
  • Electronic scan on demand retrieval


Why choose us?

  • Less than 1p per day per box
  • Cheaper than self-storage
  • Let us digitally scan whilst we have it
  • Fast document retrieval system
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Fully Accredited
  • Scan on demand service
  • All boxes securely stored
  • De-clutter your office or home
  • Are your documents secure?

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