Rare Books

IDSL can scan any book, manuscript or newspaper to a very high quality. Using unique scanning technology, books of almost any size can be scanned without resulting in damage to the book/manuscript/newspaper. IDSL can scan books in binary (black and white), greyscale and colour, as TIFFs or JPEGs.

Our DigibookTM scanners are fitted with specially designed book cradles, which compensate for the thickness of book. The book is scanned on the cradle as if it is open to be read and any page curvature can be corrected using our specialist graphical software.

The digitised pages can then be used for printing facsimiles, archiving, indexing, creating virtual books, uploading for the internet or just stored somewhere safe on DVDs, CDs, data cartridges or external USB hard disc drives, to ensure you always have a copy.

At IDSL we listen to our client’s requirements and then meet or exceed their individual project needs.

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